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Mathematics is a reasoning and creative activity employing abstraction and generalisation to identify, describe and apply patterns and relationships. The symbolic nature of mathematics provides a powerful, accurate and concise way of communicating.

Why study mathematics?

By studying mathematics, you’ll learn to:

·       be confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics

·       investigate, represent, and interpret situations in their personal and work lives and as active citizens

·       be able to ask and solve problems and using reasoning

·       appreciate mathematics as an accessible, enjoyable, and important aspect of lifelong learning.

What opportunities will you get?

Mathematics is an applied subject, with rich hands-on activities a regular part of learning.

These activities are further enhanced through co-curricular opportunities and excursions including:

·       Year 7 solar car project

·       Year 8 amazing maths race

·       entry to the Australian Schools Mathematics Competition.

What will you study?

Students can study the following subjects through the mathematics faculty:

Years 7 and 8

·       Mathematics (Mandatory). Classes in year 8 are graded by student mathematics results.

Years 9 and 10

In years 9 and 10, students can study one of three courses. The courses differ by their content and difficulty:

·       Mathematics 5.3 (Mandatory) – most challenging

·       Mathematics 5.2 Mandatory)

·       Mathematics 5.1 (Mandatory)

Years 11 and 12

The following subjects may be available for you to study in years 11 and 12. There are no pre-requisites for studying these but by studying from the different levels of Mathematics in years 9 and 10 can help you decide if you want to continue your studies, and which strand to study.

·       Mathematics Extension 1 & 2 (Elective)

·       Mathematics Advanced (Elective)

·       Mathematics Standard (Elective)

·       Mathematics Numeracy (Elective).


More information

For more information, visit the NSW Educational Standards Authority page for mathematics.