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Learning with Digital Devices and Online Services

At Georges River College Hurstville Boys Campus we are committed to producing outstanding educational outcomes for every student.

We support each boy to become a confident, enthusiastic, independent learner who is skilled in literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, evaluation and problem-solving. Our learning community thrives on helping each other to learn and we engage in many collaborative learning activities.

Digital literacy is critical to a boy’s confident and effective learning across all of his subject areas. It fosters and develops the deep learning that a boy will need beyond school in the world of further education and working life.

At GRC Hurtsville Boys Campus teachers integrate their learning with digital devices and online services. The Campus website provides a list of recommended digital devices that will work with the school’s online services. We will also provide a portal for the purchase and maintenance of every boy’s digital device. Students and their parents / caregivers must sign this document in order to access online services at the school.

To access the school's policies:

GRC Hurstville Boys Campus Student Use Agreement for Learning with Digital Devices and Online Services (Click to download document) 

GRC Hurstville Boys Campus Digital Devices and Online Services Procedures (Click to download document)

GRC Hurstville Boys Campus Recommended Devices (Click to download document)

( Link to DOE  site for recommended devices

Questions about the schools Learning with Digital Devices and Online Services may be directed in the first instance to Campus Reception.

To understand online privacy and to enable you to make decisions to help protect your children please access the Australian Government’s eSafety office ( for further information.

Purchasing of BYOD Devices

Hewlett Packard  is also providing  a BYOD discount purchasing portal that provides a variety of purchasing options and onsite warranty support.
To access the portal, browse to

and enter school code grchbc or enter school look up GRC Hurstville Boys Campus.

Computers and ergonomics

Please refer to the below support materials for guidance in managing hazards and risks associated with safe use of portable computers.


NAPLAN Lockdown Browser

This year students will be completing the NAPLAN test using devices. Students who would like to use their BYO devices need a specialized browser to complete the test, and this browser must be version 2.5 (this has recently been updated from the 2.4 version). This needs to be done as soon as possible. 

When the download is complete, double click on the file, accept the license terms and conditions and Install the software. 

ICAS Locked-Down Browser:

Students undertaking the Minimum Standards testing may use personal devices to do so, and can access this by downloading the ICAS Locked-Down Browser. Below are the links for both Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as the installation steps for each. 



Installation steps in PDFs:


Mac: NOTE: 

Please avoid using Chromebooks, iPads or tablets. 

Support materials