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Music allows us to create, communicate and express ourselves in ways that are unique to this subject.

Why study Music?

By studying music, you’ll learn to:

·       appreciate all types of music in its many forms including classical, pop, blues and rap

·       express yourself through the creativity of musical performance, composition, and song writing

·       explore the impact music has on our lives

·       aim for excellence through the disciple of learning musical instruments

·       build team skills as you work in small groups and ensembles.

What opportunities will you get?

Studying music will give you opportunities to be involved in activities such as:

·       learn to read and play music with instruments like the drums, guitar and piano keyboard

·       education week performances

·       excursion to live performances and musical productions

·       cross-campus workshops with Penshurst, Peakhurst and Oatley Senior Campuses

·       playing in the school ensemble and the college band.

What will you study?

Students can study the following subjects through the Music faculty:

Music (mandatory) - years 7 and 8

·       Instrument Families of the Orchestra

·       Listening and appreciating different genres of music including Rock n Roll and Pop Music.

·       The History of Rock Music and famous Rock musicians like Elvis Presley.

·       The History of the Guitar, Piano and Drums.

·       Learn to play the Piano, Guitar and Drums individually and in groups.

Music (elective) – years 9 and 10

·       Music composing, listening and performing

·       Musicology.

Music Topics such as:

·       Film Music

·       Music of the Romantic Era

·       Music of a Culture

·       Music & Technology

Years 11 and 12

The following subjects may be available for you to study in years 11 and 12. There are no pre-requisites for studying these but choosing electives from Music in years 9 and 10 can help you decide if you want to continue your studies.

·       Music 1

·       Music 2

·       Music Extension

More information

For more information, visit the NSW Educational Standards Authority page for creative arts.